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Established in 1984, United Container Depots (UCD) has over 35 years’ experience in servicing, storing and handling containers for the world’s major shipping lines.

We pride ourselves on providing secure, top-class depot facilities to our customers and our commitment to customer excellence drives our vision to be the container depot of choice in South Africa.

UCD is approved by the PPECB and the Department of Agriculture Inspection and Cleaning Centre and our team of competent artisans are also able to conduct structural and mechanical repairs to containers to IICL industry standards.

Our depots have a combined footprint of


And can accommodate close to



We offer a range of services at our various container depots

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We provide storage and handling of empty marine containers.

We perform structural repairs to containers in accordance with IICL standards.

Our reefer bay facilities are equipped for cold treatment preparation.

We can provide transport for empty containers.

We sell second hand containers for static and in-transit storage of goods as well as refrigerated shipping containers.

Our facilities carry a host of spares for various makes of refrigerated containers supplied to the industry.

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Strategically located for efficient container handling and storage

Our top-class depot facilities have a combined footprint of 80 000m² which can accommodate close to 10 900 TEU. Situated near the ocean terminals our facilities are equipped with

  • Large workshop repair areas
  • CCTV / Security at all entrances and exits
    to monitor in and outbound traffic
  • Controlled Atmosphere (CA) gassing areas
  • Reefer towers with multiple reefer plug points
  • Empty container handlers

UCD are approved service agents for